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Technology is changing the way children play. But should we be excited or worried about the introduction of technology into children's toys? This panel of smart toy experts will examine the advantages and disadvantages of technologically-enhanced play and will discuss potential psychological and developmental consequences of electronic playthings.(More)
INTRODUCTION General practitioners (GPs) as rural GP-Preceptors play an important role in medical student teaching within the Discipline of General Practice, University of Tasmania, Australia. As well a significant teaching role, they are responsible for apportioning 20% of the mark medical students receive in the General Practice examination at the end of(More)
of William and Mary and others in signing the Talloires Declaration, a 10-point pledge to make the campus a place where sustainable resource use and environmental protection are practiced, improved and taught. " Cal Poly has already begun much of the work detailed in the Talloires Declaration, " Baker stressed. " The Cal Poly Master Plan, the Cal Poly Land(More)
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