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Two vocal tract postures commonly identified as hallmarks of nonorganic dysphonia are anterior-posterior and medial compression of the supraglottis. However, insufficient data exist to support their diagnostic utility. The purpose of this study was to compare these two postures in patients with nonorganic dysphonia and normal controls using interval data(More)
Protease nexin-2/amyloid 6 protein precursor (PN-2/A#PP) is an abundant, secreted platelet protein which is a potent inhibi-tor of coagulation Factor XIa. We examined other potential anticoagulant activities of PN-2/Ai8PP. Purified Kunitz pro-tease inhibitor domain of PN-2/A8PP and PN-2/ABPP itself were found to prolong the coagulation time of plasma and(More)
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