Linda Crossett

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BACKGROUND Interventions have been designed to reduce the prevalence of smoking in college/university students. This review presents a summary and synthesis of the interventions published in English from 1980 to the present. METHODS Seven databases were searched for relevant published articles, and reference lists were examined for additional published(More)
The 2003 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey data were analyzed to compare drug use among high school students with and without asthma. High school students with current asthma used cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and inhalants (huffing) at rates equal to or greater than high school students without current asthma.
OBJECTIVES To describe the formation of the Youth Tobacco Cessation Collaborative (YTCC), a voluntary collaborative of leading funders of youth tobacco cessation research and services. METHODS The long-term goal and specific short-term (2-year) goals, strategies, and accomplishments are briefly described with reference to its guiding action plan: National(More)
The School Health Index (SHI) is a self-assessment and planning tool that helps individual schools identify the strengths and weaknesses of their health policies and programs. To determine the percentage of US schools meeting the recommendations in the SHI, the present study analyzed data from the School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS) 2000. The(More)
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