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The structure and dynamics of Opa proteins, which we report herein, are responsible for the receptor-mediated engulfment of Neisseria gonorrheae or Neisseria meningitidis by human cells and can offer deep understanding into the molecular recognition of pathogen-host receptor interactions. Such interactions are vital to understanding bacterial pathogenesis(More)
Models of unregulated nitric oxide (NO) diffusion do not consistently account for the biochemistry of NO synthase (NOS)-dependent signalling in many cell systems. For example, endothelial NOS controls blood pressure, blood flow and oxygen delivery through its effect on vascular smooth muscle tone, but the regulation of these processes is not adequately(More)
Introduction Prior to the ''genomic era,'' when the acquisition of DNA sequence involved significant labor and expense, the sequenc-ing of genes was strongly linked to the experimental characterization of their products. Sequencing at that time directly resulted from the need to understand an The Community Page is a forum for organizations and societies to(More)
We describe a simple experimental approach for the rapid determination of protein global folds. This strategy utilizes site-directed spin labeling (SDSL) in combination with isotope enrichment to determine long-range distance restraints between amide protons and the unpaired electron of a nitroxide spin label using the paramagnetic effect on relaxation(More)
Micelle-forming detergents provide an amphipathic environment that can mimic lipid bilayers and are important tools for solubilizing membrane proteins for functional and structural investigations in vitro. However, the formation of a soluble protein-detergent complex (PDC) currently relies on empirical screening of detergents, and a stable and functional(More)
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS, NOS3) is responsible for producing nitric oxide (NO)—a key molecule that can directly (or indirectly) act as a vasodilator and anti-inflammatory mediator. In this review, we examine the structural effects of regulation of the eNOS enzyme, including post-translational modifications and subcellular localization. After(More)
The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop (CSC NFW) is a professional development program that was initiated in 2012 to address absences in the preparation of chemistry faculty at research universities as funded researchers and educators (i.e., teacher−scholars). The primary focus of the workshop is an introduction to evidence-based teaching(More)
Undergraduate biochemistry laboratory courses often do not provide students with an authentic research experience, particularly when the express purpose of the laboratory is purely instructional. However, an instructional laboratory course that is inquiry- and research-based could simultaneously impart scientific knowledge and foster a student's research(More)
The CIL Customer Service Department is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Orders may be placed by fax, email or via our website 24 hours a day. It is with great pride that we present CIL's new Biomolecular NMR Product Catalog. In this catalog you will find a comprehensive listing of our isotope-enriched products used to study the(More)
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