Linda Childers

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College students pressed buttons for points delivered according to molecular concurrent reinforcement contingencies similar to those used in previous experiments with animal subjects. Relative frequency of reinforcement and the relative and absolute durations of two reinforced patterns of button pressing were experimentally varied. Qualitative effects of(More)
Pigeon's key pecking was reinforced with food in two experiments in which the correspondence between preference for starting one of two reinforced behavior patterns and the likelihood of finishing it subsequently was examined. Reinforcers were scheduled according to concurrent schedules for two classes of interresponse times, modified such that reinforcers(More)
The durations of 2 responses, 2 categories of reinforced nondiscriminated interresponse times, were varied while their relative durations were held approximately constant, with the longer about 2 1/2 times longer than the shorter. Three pigeons pecked for food. Reinforcers for the shorter and longer responses were arranged by a concurrent variable-interval,(More)
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