Linda C Robrecht

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The purpose of this study was to extend and integrate the process theories of abuse and becoming a mother in order to provide a contextually appropriate perspective for understanding women's behavioural responses to intimate partner abuse during pregnancy. Double binding is proposed as a construct for understanding intimate partner abuse during pregnancy.(More)
This study used Landenburger's theory, a process of leaving and recovering from an abusive relationship, as a framework to interview 35 pregnant women identified as being at high risk for abuse. Results are reported on 18 women who disclosed active abuse during the study. Landenburger's model was not a good fit. Our participants became trapped and endured(More)
Homelessness continues to increase in the United States. Families comprise the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, and estimates suggest that women head 90% of homeless families. Pregnant homeless women are exposed to more cumulative violence than are comparable low-income, housed women. Intervention strategies that may improve health care(More)
PURPOSE To discuss the use of Certificates of Confidentiality in nursing research. ORGANIZING CONSTRUCT In situations that are particularly complex, sensitive, and in which the participants are extremely vulnerable, a Certificate of Confidentiality issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) may be useful to help ensure the privacy(More)
Volume 34, Number 5, September/October 2002 Encouraged by congressional action, state legislators in the mid-1990s began strengthening and enforcing statutory rape laws in an effort to lower teenage pregnancy rates and welfare costs. One approach has been to classify statutory rape as child abuse, making reporting mandatory for designated professionals.(More)
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