Linda C. Alexander

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Clinical clerkships in psychiatry are traditionally based on in-patient services and thus limit student exposure in the main to seriously ill psychiatric patients. Such clerkships have been criticized as having questionable relevance to the primary care careers which are increasingly selected by medical students. The present paper describes a clerkship in(More)
 To evaluate and determine differences between attitudes of internal medicine interns and residents toward pressure ulcer (PU) prevention and to evaluate the interns' abilities to accurately identify wounds and stage PUs, an exploratory, quantitative study was conducted in a 639-bed, safety net academic center. Participants (21 internal(More)
Because both critical thinking and library anxiety have been found to play an important role in determining learning outcomes, it is possible that these two constructs are related in some way. To date, however, this link has not been empirically examined. In the present study, we have attempted to identify the nature of the association between critical(More)
BACKGROUND This study assessed participant opinions about inclusion of breast cancer survivors as lay representatives in a scientific and technical merit review of proposals for the 1995 Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (DOD BCRP). METHODS The evaluation employed a prepanel and postpanel survey design, which was intended to elicit(More)
Genital herpes simplex virus infections are widespread throughout the world and are characterized by stigma, myth, and anxiety by patients and the public but are perceived as trivial by most physicians. Surveys in the United States, Europe, Australia, and South Africa have measured the unfavorable effect of genital herpes on infected patients, health care(More)
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