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The system of asylum seeker detention in Australia is one in which those seeking refuge are stripped of many of their rights, including the right to health. This presents serious ethical problems for healthcare providers working within this system. In this article we describe asylum seeker detention and analyse the role of nurses. We discuss how far an(More)
Australia has one of the harshest regimes for the processing of asylum seekers, people who have applied for refugee status but are still awaiting an answer. It has received sharp rebuke for its policies from international human rights bodies but continues to exercise its resolve to protect its borders from those seeking protection. One means of doing so is(More)
While nationality is premised on rights and responsibilities to territorially defined states, international migration and globalisation operate across national borders. Although the international movement of people has occurred throughout history, international migration in the contemporary era is increasingly linked to globalisation and the movement of(More)
Australia's policy of mandatory indefinite detention of those seeking asylum and arriving without valid documents has led to terrible human rights abuses and cumulative deterioration in health for those incarcerated. We argue that there is an imperative to research and document the plight of those who have suffered at the hands of the Australian government(More)
"Mark this, ye proud men of action," wrote the great German poet and philosopher Heinrich Heine, "Ye are nothing but unconscious instruments of;the men of thought who, often in humblest seclusion, have appointed you to your inevitable task. Maximillian Robespierre was merely the hand of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.... This testimony to the power of ideas,(More)
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