Linda B Talley

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Cardiopulmonary monitors (CPMs) generate false alarm rates ranging from 85%-99% with few of these alarms actually representing serious clinical events. The overabundance of clinically insignificant alarms in hospitals desensitizes the clinician to true-positive alarms and poses significant safety issues. In this IRB-approved externally funded study, we(More)
The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. *743 The purpose of this Article is to introduce legal readers to the ideas of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, and to his philosophical practices regarding the interpretation of texts, sometimes known as deconstruction. 1 The term 'deconstruction' is much used in legal writings(More)
Massachusetts General Hospital and the alarms that should have sounded didn't, the incident set off a different kind of alarm throughout the hospital, in Boston, and in state regulatory agencies. The tragic situation also provided a learning experience for Mass General and the larger medical community. 1 In that spirit, AAMI recently gathered a group of(More)
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