Linda A Ward

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Most of our knowledge regarding the process of protein import into mitochondria has come from research employing fungal systems. This review outlines recent advances in our understanding of this process in mammalian cells. In particular, we focus on the characterisation of cytosolic molecular chaperones that are involved in binding to mitochondrial-targeted(More)
Mitochondria are specialised organelles that are structurally and functionally integrated into cells in the vast majority of eukaryotes. They are the site of numerous enzymatic reactions, some of which are essential for life. The double lipid membrane of the mitochondrion, that spatially defines the organelle and is necessary for some functions, also(More)
The N-end rule is a conserved protein degradation pathway that relates the metabolic stability of a protein to the identity of its N-terminal residue. Proteins bearing a destabilising N-terminal residue (N-degron) are recognised by specialised components of the pathway (N-recognins) and degraded by cellular proteases. In bacteria, the N-recognin ClpS is(More)
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