Linda A Heffernan

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Spraying of liquids through an electrified meniscus has become a method of choice to produce ions from large biomolecules. Using mass spectrometry, the generated ions can be analyzed to provide detailed information on their composition and structure. This technique enables high-throughput protein analysis that is a prerequisite for answering the questions(More)
We formed monolayers and black lipid membranes (BLMs) of photopolymerizable lipids mixed with the channel-forming protein gramicidin A to evaluate their miscibility and the potential for improved stability of the BLM scaffold through polymerization. Analyses of surface pressure vs area isotherms indicated that gramicidin A dispersed with three different(More)
The different spraying modes in electrospray ionization sources exhibit large variations in their ion yield and stability. To achieve consistently optimal ion production, active control of the spray parameters is desirable. To diagnose the changes in spraying mode, the spray current and its Fourier spectrum were monitored under a wide range of conditions,(More)
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