Linda A. Fogarty

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PURPOSE To use a standardized videotape stimulus to assess the effect of physician compassion on viewers' anxiety, information recall, treatment decisions, and assessment of physician characteristics. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS One hundred twenty-three healthy female breast cancer survivors and 87 women without cancer were recruited for this study. A(More)
A literature search was conducted to collect published articles reporting correlates of HIV medication adherence or interventions designed to increase HIV medication adherence. Proceedings from seven HIV/AIDS-related conferences were searched for relevant abstracts. We found 18 descriptive studies in published articles and 57 in conference proceedings(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors used data from a larger study to evaluate the long-term effects of a peer advocate intervention on condom and contraceptive use among HIV-infected women and women at high risk for HIV infection. METHODS HIV-infected women in one study and women at high risk for HIV infection in a second study were selected from the Women and Infants(More)
Adult survivors of bone marrow transplantation not in life threatening relapse were surveyed with a mailed questionnaire 6-149 months after transplant. Of 171 eligible patients, 157 were contacted and 135 (86%) responded. Survivors showed a high degree of overall satisfaction with major life domains but were least satisfied with their bodies, level of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines how surrogate decision makers for dementia patients developed an understanding of patient preferences about end-of-life (EOL) care and patient wishes. METHODS Semistructured interviews were conducted with 34 surrogate decision makers for hospice-eligible nursing home patients with dementia. The data were content analyzed. (More)
BACKGROUND This study describes job satisfaction and intention to stay on the job among primary health-care providers in countries with distinctly different human resources crises, Afghanistan and Malawi. METHODS Using a cross-sectional design, we enrolled 87 health-care providers in 32 primary health-care facilities in Afghanistan and 360 providers in 10(More)
Few attempts have been made to look for potential correlations between psychiatric diagnoses and psychosocial stressors in suicides. In this study, we examine relationships between the most common psychiatric illnesses and the most common stressors in 283 suicides from San Diego County. We found that interpersonal loss/conflicts occurred more frequently(More)
This study describes the health problems and comorbid illnesses of nursing home (NH) residents with advanced dementia (n=123) and identifies correlates of staff-identified pain. Study participants were residents of 3 NHs in Maryland, their surrogate decision makers and their physicians. Residents' cognitive function was assessed at study enrollment, and(More)
This study calculated the net benefit of using active management of the third stage of labour (AMTSL) rather than expectant management of the third stage of labour (EMTSL) for mothers in Guatemala and Zambia. Probabilities of events were derived from opinions of experts, publicly available data, and published literature. Costs of clinical events were(More)