Linda A. Fogarty

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Few attempts have been made to look for potential correlations between psychiatric diagnoses and psychosocial stressors in suicides. In this study, we examine relationships between the most common psychiatric illnesses and the most common stressors in 283 suicides from San Diego County. We found that interpersonal loss/conflicts occurred more frequently(More)
Two hundred and twelve professionals were surveyed on their assessment and validation procedures in cases of children's sexual abuse allegations. Specific questions garnered information about practices in interviewing children and accused adults, assessment protocols, criteria used to substantiate the allegations, and factors that might distort children's(More)
BACKGROUND This study describes job satisfaction and intention to stay on the job among primary health-care providers in countries with distinctly different human resources crises, Afghanistan and Malawi. METHODS Using a cross-sectional design, we enrolled 87 health-care providers in 32 primary health-care facilities in Afghanistan and 360 providers in 10(More)
This study calculated the net benefit of using active management of the third stage of labour (AMTSL) rather than expectant management of the third stage of labour (EMTSL) for mothers in Guatemala and Zambia. Probabilities of events were derived from opinions of experts, publicly available data, and published literature. Costs of clinical events were(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the decision-making process used by individuals asked to participate in dementia research and their opinions on how future proxy research decisions would or should be made, including participants' preferred ethical standards for decision making. DESIGN Cross-sectional qualitative methods. SETTING University research(More)
BACKGROUND Gender segregation of occupations, which typically assigns caring/nurturing jobs to women and technical/managerial jobs to men, has been recognized as a major source of inequality worldwide with implications for the development of robust health workforces. In sub-Saharan Africa, gender inequalities are particularly acute in HIV/AIDS caregiving(More)
BACKGROUND With decreasing global resources, a pervasive critical shortage of skilled health workers, and a growing disease burden in many countries, the need to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of pre-service education in low-and middle-income countries has never been greater. METHODS We performed an integrative review of the literature to(More)
Since the 1990s, developing countries as a whole have made remarkable efforts to reduce under-five mortality rate from 90 to 48 deaths per thousand live births in 2012. As a result, the number of annual under-five deaths dropped by nearly 6 million during that period [1,2]. Unfortunately, the pace of reduction was slowest in sub-Saharan Africa, making it(More)
Descriptions of reproductive and sexual behavior were obtained from interviews with a convenience sample of women at risk of HIV infection or transmission to assess whether the processes of change (POC) constructs from the Transtheoretical Model apply to women's explanations of condom behavior change. Participants were recruited from public housing, drug(More)