Linda A Brady

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A 31-y-old epileptic man developed coma and shock after suicidally ingesting large amounts of valproic acid and gabapentin. His peak valproic acid, level was 1306.9 micrograms/mL (therapeutic range = 30-100 micrograms/mL). His peak gabapentin level was 60.0 micrograms/mL (therapeutic range = 2.0-8.0 micrograms/mL). His hypotension was refractory to(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the frequency of Medicaid mandated blood lead level (BLL) screening compliance rates by clinical site. METHODS Retrospective chart review for evidence of BLLs. Data analyses were conducted using frequencies, percentages & chi-square. RESULTS The overall incidence of documented BLLs was 78.9% with one clinic demonstrating 100%(More)
Recent reports suggest that long-term graft take of cultured epidermal autografts (CEAs) is less than 50% when late graft loss is considered. The characteristics of late CEA loss suggest that it may occur as a result of an immunologic reaction to persistent xenogeneic cells and/or proteins used to grow CEA. In this study we examined whether immunologically(More)
BACKGROUND Cultured keratinocyte (CK) and cadaveric skin allografts have prolonged survival in patients with massive thermal injury. It is unclear if this delayed rejection is due to impaired host responsiveness or decreased graft immunogenicity. Although burn injury has been shown to decrease parameters of allograft response, no studies have examined the(More)
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