Linda A Aston

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In early 2007 it was determined that the compound melamine, suspected of having been involved in the deaths of numerous pets, had been fed to hogs intended for human consumption. This report describes a method for the analysis of melamine in porcine muscle tissue using solid-phase extraction (SPE) and high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass(More)
Thirty-three preterm infants of low birth weight, 18 full-term infants of low birth weight, and 52 full-term infants of normal birth weight were evaluated at ages 9 to 11 years for psychiatric diagnoses and for minor physical anomalies. Mothers completed various child behavior questionnaires. Analysis of variance of the mean anomaly scores revealed that(More)
Preterm (N = 33) and full-term (N = 18) low birth weight subjects were compared at age 9 to 11 years to 52 full-term normal birth weight subjects of similar age and socioeconomic levels. All groups were evaluated by a psychiatrist who was not aware of prenatal or perinatal histories at the time of the interview. Mothers completed various standardized(More)
We compared 54 children who were born either preterm or weighing less than 2,501 gm with 52 children born at term and weighing more than 2,500 gm. There were no significant differences in sex or racial distribution nor in socioeconomic status. After semistructured psychiatric interviews, four subjects from the preterm, low-birth-weight group and two(More)
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