Lincoln S. Rocha

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The dinamicy and uncertainness of resources in mobile networks ask for novel uncoupled, adaptable and autonomous programming abstractions. Although applications are built upon a middleware layer that encapsulates some of that complexity, there is a lot left to fully explore the potential of ubiquitous and pervasive systems. To provide an insight on the(More)
Com o avanço das tecnologias de hardware, como o surgimento de computadores menores com maior poder de processamento e armazenamento, e o progresso da comunicação de dados sem fio, a Computação Ubíqua se tornou uma realidade. Entretanto, o desenvolvimento de sistemas ubíquos ainda apresenta inúmeros desafios(More)
In the present study we combine Activity Based Costing (ABC) with a microprocess-based custom-made management system used to control of the medical equipment maintenance service performed by a clinical engineering group in a public health institution in Brazil. Results show the cost of service orders calculated through the allocation of the expenditure per(More)
A new species of solifuge from Sã o Paulo State, southeastern Brazil, is described , together with its phenology, habitat use, activity pattern and the effect of fire on the population. Mummucia coaraciandu n. sp. differs from other Mummuciidae in cheliceral dentition and pleurite coloration. Over a one-year period, 649 individuals of M. coaraciandu were(More)
The domain of mobile and context-aware applications involves challenging requirements, such as mobility and adaptation, which makes the application development complex for this area. Considering this scenario, we used a nested software product line (SPL) that aims to facilitate the construction of such software by domain decomposition in two levels of(More)
Mobile applications and services have changed different aspects of modern life, besides allowing to be accessed by mobile devices at any moment, regardless of time and place. These devices usually interact with more powerful machines usually hosted at Internet on public clouds. This paper presents MpOS (Multiplatform Offloading System), a framework that(More)
— In this paper we present a new tool called Bean-Watcher. This tool allows the semi-automatic generation of monitoring and management applications for wireless networks such as WLANs and WPANs. The architecture of the tool is based on a component model flexible enough to allow the creation of new components and the optimization of the components currently(More)