Lincoln R Manson-Hing

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Panoramic focal trough dimensions affect both the number of patient structures seen in radiographs and the margin of error possible when positioning a patient to take a radiograph. This study compares the dimensions, or size, and position, or form, of the focal troughs of four machines by resolution measurements. There is a continued need for technicians to(More)
A three-year study on school-age children using trimetaphosphate as a chewing gum additive produced significant reductions in proximal surface dental caries increments as compared to an non-chewing gum group. The reductions were 23.3% for the TMP sucrose gum group and 47.6% for the TMP nonsugar group as compared to the no-gum group.
A comparison of the established focal troughs of three panoramic machines with positions of the teeth in the dental arches of 240 patients. The patients, divided into twelve cells, were selected on the basis of race, sex, age, number of teeth, and occlusion. Occlusal registrations were made in fast-set acrylic. Tooth centers were identified and, with the(More)
A resolution test pattern was used to determine the size, position, and centers of the focal troughs of four panoramic x-ray machines. The focal troughs were located at slightly different positions for each machine. The center of each focal trough produced varying degrees of sharpness. The average widths of the focal troughs were not greatly different(More)
Panoramic periapical anterior and posterior bitewing radiographic, mirror-explorer, and transillumination clinical examinations were performed on 300 patients. Various combinations of the radiographic and clinical examination techniques were compared in terms of their ability to diagnose caries, alveolar bone loss, calculus, periapical bone lesions,(More)
A comparison of three panoramic x-ray machines revealed that the focal trough of the panorex curved inward in the posterior region, that of the GE-3000 remained straight, and that of the Orthopantomograph flared outward. The panorex was found to have the widest trough in the anterior region; the GE-3000 had the widest trough in the posterior regions.