Linchang Miao

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Land subsidence due to ground water withdrawal is a serious problem all over the world. However, in most of the analyzing methods deal with the pumping aquifers as an isolated system and no groundwater recharging happens during pumping. This paper presents a new method based on the water balance theory to calculate water head change due to water recharge.(More)
A sensitive NO(2) analyzer, that uses a commercial LED emitting near 450 nm, has been developed. The prototype can measure NO(2) concentrations as low as 1 part in 10(9) as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. The response time of the system is 1 min. In addition, a demonstration of the use of external-cavity frequency-doubled diode laser(More)
This research aims to explore the dynamic characteristics and settlement prediction of soft soil. Accordingly, the dynamic shear modulus formula considering the vibration frequency was utilized and the dynamic triaxial test conducted to verify the validity of the formula. Subsequently, the formula was applied to the dynamic creep strain function, with the(More)
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