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Single image matting, the task of estimating accurate foreground opacity from a given image, is a severely ill-posed and challenging problem. Inspired by recent advances in image co-segmentation, in this paper, we present a novel framework for a new task called co-matting, which aims to simultaneously extract alpha mattes in multiple images that contain(More)
Image recognition is one of the fundamental problems in mul-timedia analysis. Typically in the training database, there will be more than one image for each object, however most existing bag-of-features based approaches treat them independently and completely ignore the feature correspondence relationship among them. As a result, features corresponding to(More)
Discovering common visual patterns (CVPs) from two images is a challenging task due to the geometric and photometric deformations as well as noises and clutters. The problem is generally boiled down to recovering correspondences of local invariant features, and the conventionally addressed by graph-based quadratic optimization approaches, which often suffer(More)
Conflicts between humans and wildlife, especially wild boar (Sus scrofa), have caused serious problems across the world in recent years. It is necessary to effectively control wild boar agricultural damage that may be influenced by many factors. In this study, we collected data on agricultural damage caused by wild boars from November 2009 to October 2010(More)
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