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Metal-dependent nucleases that generate double-strand breaks in DNA often possess two symmetrically-equivalent subunits, arranged so that the active sites from each subunit act on opposite DNA strands. Restriction endonuclease BfiI belongs to the phospholipase D (PLD) superfamily and does not require metal ions for DNA cleavage. It exists as a dimer but has(More)
The B3 DNA-binding domains (DBDs) of plant transcription factors (TF) and DBDs of EcoRII and BfiI restriction endonucleases (EcoRII-N and BfiI-C) share a common structural fold, classified as the DNA-binding pseudobarrel. The B3 DBDs in the plant TFs recognize a diverse set of target sequences. The only available co-crystal structure of the B3-like DBD is(More)
We report here the de novo genome assembly of a cyanobacterium, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae strain 2012/KM1/D3, a harmful bloom-forming species in temperate aquatic ecosystems. The genome is 5.7 Mb with a G+C content of 38.2%, and it is enriched mostly with genes involved in amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism.
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