Linas Svilainis

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Sun and ambient light is a serious problem for outdoor LED video displays. Shading the front-face surface by louvers implementation is used in majority of LED displays, but louvers influence the LED directivity. The analytical method is developed for image visibility estimation. The louver geometry and position are taken into account. LED FFP goniometry is(More)
The ultrasonic transducer excitation circuits have been investigated. The system structure is presented where excitation circuit is planned to be used. The possible excitation solutions are presented and discussed. The result of impedance measurement of ultrasonic transducer has been used to derive the Butterworth-Van Dyke electrical model.Then this model(More)
LED PWM dimming application for large scale LED video displays is analyzed. The need for short light pulse duration is outlined. PWM dimming with short driving pulses is investigated experimentally. The LED response time skew introduces the nonlinearity for PWM dimming. For LED response time skew estimation, a method is suggested that has been successfully(More)
For navigation of semi-autonomous robots various machine based vision systems are used. Ultrasonic systems are one of the cheapest, but some limitations reduce their performance. This paper is devoted to improvement of a data acquisition speed and noise robustness of such systems. These goals were achieved using simultaneous data acquisition along a few(More)