Lina Yuan

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UNLABELLED The prokaryotic pangenome partitions genes into core and dispensable genes. The order of core genes, albeit assumed to be stable under selection in general, is frequently interrupted by horizontal gene transfer and rearrangement, but how a core-gene-defined genome maintains its stability or flexibility remains to be investigated. Based on data(More)
High-throughput pyrosequencing, carried out in millions of picoliter-sized reactors on a fiber-optic slide, is known for its longer read length. However, both optical crosstalk (which reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of CCD images) and chemical retention adversely affect the accuracy of chemiluminescence determination, and ultimately decrease the read(More)
Staphylococcus aureus is a common human bacterium that sometimes becomes pathogenic, causing serious infections. A key feature of S. aureus is its ability to acquire resistance to antibiotics. The presence of the staphylococcal cassette chromosome (SCC) element in serotypes of S. aureus has been confirmed using multiplex PCR assays. The SCC element is the(More)
Garbage collection consumes significant overhead to reclaim memory used by dead (i.e., unreachable) objects in applications. This paper explores techniques for compiler assisted object reclamation and allocation on an actual JVM. Thereinto, the just-in-time compiler identifies dead objects using pointer and escape analysis combining liveness information and(More)
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