Lina Tang

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Keywords: Forest degradation Temperate forest Biosphere reserves Cross-border conservation Remote sensing a b s t r a c t Forest degradation in protected areas has been monitored around the world with remote sensing data, but degradation processes undetectable by widely used satellite sensors have been largely overlooked. Increased human pressures and(More)
China's southeast coastal areas have witnessed rapid growth in the last two decades, owing mostly to their economic and social attractions. In this paper, we chose Jimei, a coastal peri-urban district of Xiamen city on the southeast coast of China, as a study area to explore the district's growth dynamics, to predict future sprawl during the next decade and(More)
Drones of various shapes, sizes, and functionalities have emerged over the past few decades, and their civilian applications are becoming increasingly appealing. Flexible, low-cost, and high-resolution remote sensing systems that use drones as platforms are important for filling data gaps and supplementing the capabilities of crewed/manned aircraft and(More)
Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which is prevalent in women and the elderly. Current insomnia drugs mainly target the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor, melatonin receptor, histamine receptor, orexin, and serotonin receptor. GABAA receptor modulators are ordinarily used to manage insomnia, but they are known to affect sleep maintenance, including(More)
C hina and the United States are the world's top CO 2 emitters. Both countries also harbor extensive forests that offset a substantial fraction of their CO 2 emissions and have the potential to offset considerably more. U.S. forests sequestered 236 Tg C yr-1 from 2000 to 2005, balancing 12-19% of the country's CO 2 emissions. 1 China's forests took up 96 Tg(More)
S ince the 1990s, China has undergone astonishing economic growth, and its extensive urbanization has become one of the most striking development signatures anywhere in the world. With the world's largest urban population, China's urbanization experience provides meaningful insights on future urban development in other countries. 1 Because China has an(More)
Based on the community important values and present-absent data along elevation gradient on the north slope of Changbai Mountains and using moving split-window techniques, the width and location of vegetation ecotone were discussed in this article. The results showed that the methods of Bray-Curtis Percent Dissimilarity (PD) and Squared Euclidean Distance(More)
We report a unique nanosensing platform by combining modern nanotechnology with traditional acupuncture needle to prepare graphene-modified acupuncture needle (G-AN), and using it for sensitive detection of neurotransmitters via electrochemistry. An electrochemical deposition method was employed to deposit Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) on the tip surface of the(More)