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Effect of nitric oxide on reactive oxygen species and antioxidant enzymes in kiwifruit during storage
BACKGROUND: The accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in kiwifruit can cause oxidative damage during storage. Little research has been carried out on the effects of nitric oxide (NO) onExpand
The sea cucumber genome provides insights into morphological evolution and visceral regeneration
A complete genome sequence of an economically important sea cucumber, A. japonicus, generated using Illumina and PacBio platforms is presented to provide a useful framework for future research into biological processes and evolution in deuterostomes, including remarkable regenerative abilities that could have medical applications. Expand
Formation and development of the pore structure in Chang 7 member oil-shale from Ordos Basin during organic matter evolution induced by hydrous pyrolysis
Abstract To obtain information about the pore characterization during the evolution of sedimentary organic matter, the pore structures of residual samples from oil-shale hydrous pyrolysis experimentsExpand
The phenotype and functional alterations of macrophages in mice with hyperglycemia for long term
In an in vitro culture system, high glucose and insulin significantly altered TNF‐α, IL‐6, and NO production and arginase activity of macrophages, which was reversed by the treatment with AKT and ERK inhibitors, which indicates hyperglycemia and insulin deficiency can modify macrophage function through AKT‐mTOR and ERk pathways and through epigenetic effects on macrophAGE precursors. Expand
Effects of nitric oxide fumigation on phenolic metabolism of postharvest Chinese winter jujube (Zizyphus jujuba Mill. cv. Dongzao) in relation to fruit quality
Abstract The effect of nitric oxide fumigation on phenolic metabolism of harvested Chinese winter jujube in relation to the fruit quality was investigated. The fruits were fumigated for 3 h with NOExpand
RNA-Seq Reveals Dynamic Changes of Gene Expression in Key Stages of Intestine Regeneration in the Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicas
These studies demonstrated dynamic changes in global gene expression during intestine regeneration and presented a series of candidate genes and enriched pathways that contribute to intestine regeneration in sea cucumbers. Expand
TSC1/2 Signaling Complex Is Essential for Peripheral Naïve CD8+ T Cell Survival and Homeostasis in Mice
This study suggests that TSC1 plays an essential role in regulating peripheral naïve CD8+ T cell homeostasis, possible via an mTOR-Akt-FoxO-Bim signaling pathway. Expand
Cold-induced endogenous nitric oxide generation plays a role in chilling tolerance of loquat fruit during postharvest storage
Abstract The effects of low temperature on endogenous nitric oxide (NO) generation and the role of endogenous NO in chilling tolerance of loquat fruit during cold storage were investigated. LowExpand
DNA methylation levels analysis in four tissues of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus based on fluorescence-labeled methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (F-MSAP) during aestivation.
The results show that hypermethylation accompanied deep-aestivation in A. japonicus, which suggests that DNA methylation may have an important role in regulating global transcriptional suppression during aestivation. Expand
Differential Expression of miRNAs in the Respiratory Tree of the Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus Under Hypoxia Stress
Investigation of alterations in miRNA expression in the sea cucumber under different levels of dissolved oxygen suggested that these miRNAs are important in redox, transport, transcription, and hydrolysis under hypoxia stress. Expand