Lina Romero-Guzmán

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Background:For a child to develop acute leukaemia (AL), environmental exposure may not be sufficient: interaction with a susceptibility factor to the disease, such as Down syndrome (DS), may also be necessary. We assessed whether breastfeeding and early infection were associated with the risk of developing AL in children with DS.Methods:Children with DS in(More)
BACKGROUND : We analyzed effects of exposure to magnetic fields on the expression of acute leukemia in children with Down syndrome (who have a 20-fold higher risk of leukemia). METHODS : We performed a case-control study that included 42 children with both acute leukemia and Down syndrome as cases and 124 healthy children with Down syndrome as controls.(More)
PURPOSE To analyse the immunophenotype of leukaemic cells in a group of children diagnosed of lymphoblastic leukaemia in order to assess the frequency of the different immunologic subtypes. PATIENTS AND METHODS In the period comprised between APR 1987 and MAR 1995, 402 Mexican children were studied in a prospective way. Conventional immunological markers(More)
To evaluate the usefulness of flow cytometric detection of intracellular antigens (Ags) in establishing proper lineage affiliation and its contribution to the diagnosis of acute leukemia, we studied 100 consecutive patients in whom acute leukemia was diagnosed between January 1997 and July 1998. Immunological classification was assessed using a three-line(More)
To assess the incidence, clinical features at presentation, hematologic, immunophenotypic, and cytogenetic characteristics of AMKL in children we prospectively studied 834 consecutive non selected children with newly diagnosed acute leukemia (AL) admitted to the Hematology Department at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría (INP), Mexico, D.F. We found 682(More)
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