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Thirty children with early signs of cerebral neuromotor disturbances according to "Vojta criteria" were followed until the age of thirty-three months to six years. Twelve children were treated with early physiotherapy according to Bobath, ten children were treated according to Vojta and eight constituted a control group. The infants tended for early(More)
In order to overcome the problems of interdosage fluctuations of body fluid concentrations of carbamazepine, a slow-release formulation has been developed. In an open, controlled, within-patient study, the diurnal plasma concentrations of carbamazepine and its 10,11-epoxide were measured in 25 epileptic children first treated with conventional carbamazepine(More)
The IrisPlex system is a DNA-based test system for the prediction of human eye colour from biological samples and consists of a single forensically validated multiplex genotyping assay together with a statistical prediction model that is based on genotypes and phenotypes from thousands of individuals. IrisPlex predicts blue and brown human eye colour with,(More)
The success of forensic DNA analysis is limited by the size, quality and purity of biological evidence found at crime scenes. Sample impurities can inhibit PCR, resulting in partial or negative DNA profiles. Various DNA purification methods are applied to remove impurities, for example, employing centrifugal filter devices. However, irrespective of method,(More)
Lipid composition was studied on cerebral tissue from nine children who had died of a progressive encephalopathy called the infantile form of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (INCL) or polyunsaturated fatty acid lipidosis (PFAL). In the terminal stage of the disease, the concentrations of all lipid classes were found to be significantly reduced in the(More)
Twenty-five healthy infants were followed from the newborn period to the age of eighteen months, by evaluation of their neuromotor performance. Evaluation of the specific postural reaction patterns (as described by Vojta) did not seem to be any use as a "short-cut" for the early diagnosis of neuromotor abnormalities, a considerable number of deviations from(More)
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