Lina María Vera-Cala

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BACKGROUND Accurate measurement of blood pressure is of utmost importance in hypertension research. In the context of epidemiologic and clinical studies, oscillometric devices offer important advantages to overcome some of the limitations of the auscultatory method. Even though their accuracy has been evaluated in multiple studies in the clinical setting,(More)
BACKGROUND Nonadherence to drug treatment is a major contributor to antihypertensive treatment failure. Mood disorders could impair the patient's desire and ability to follow physician's recommendations. We evaluated the role of symptoms of depression and anxiety on adherence to antihypertensive drug treatment. METHODS We conducted a longitudinal cohort(More)
Next-generation sequencing technologies are rapidly changing the field of genetic epidemiology and enabling exploration of the full allele frequency spectrum underlying complex diseases. Although sequencing technologies have shifted our focus toward rare genetic variants, statistical methods traditionally used in genetic association studies are inadequate(More)
In the context of the public health surveillance, the situation room might be playing an interesting role as a strategy for early alert and follow-up of a specific public health event and its determinants. The implementation and proper functioning of an influenza situation room monitoring seasonal and pandemic influenza or any other public health event(More)
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