Lina Malinouskaya

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The generation of cortical projection neurons relies on the coordination of radial migration with branching. Here, we report that the multisubunit histone acetyltransferase Elongator complex, which contributes to transcript elongation, also regulates the maturation of projection neurons. Indeed, silencing of its scaffold (Elp1) or catalytic subunit (Elp3)(More)
The migration of cortical interneurons is characterized by extensive morphological changes that result from successive cycles of nucleokinesis and neurite branching. Their molecular bases remain elusive, and the present work describes how p27(Kip1) controls cell-cycle-unrelated signaling pathways to regulate these morphological remodelings. Live imaging(More)
Novel neuromodulation techniques in the field of brain research, such as optogenetics, prompt to target specific cell populations. However, not every subpopulation can be distinguished based on brain area or activity of specific promoters, but rather on topology and connectivity. A fascinating tool to detect neuronal circuitry is based on the transsynaptic(More)
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