Lina Källström

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The use of topical glucocorticosteroid therapy on large skin areas or in the lung is sometimes restricted by the occurrence of unwanted, general corticoid actions owing to a profound systemic absorption. To decrease this risk potent glucocorticoids with an enhanced ratio between their topical and their systemic glucocorticoid potencies are wanted.(More)
The very potent topical anti-inflammatory glucocorticosteroids (GCS) most widely used are either 17 alpha-esters of halogenated 16-methyl-17 alpha-hydroxycorticosteroids (e.g. beclomethasone 17 alpha, 21-dipropionate = BDP) or 16 alpha, 17 alpha-acetals of halogenated 16 alpha, 17 alpha-dihydroxy corticosteroids (e.g. triamcinolone acetonide = TA). The(More)
Budesonide is a glucocorticoid of clinical interest for the topical treatment of skin and respiratory diseases. The in vitro liver biotransformation rate and in vivo systemic potency (thymus involution) of budesonide were studied in male and female rats. The biotransformation rate of [3H]-budesonide was about 4 times slower in the female than in the male(More)
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