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Diabetes mellitus and the risk of multidrug resistant tuberculosis: a meta-analysis
The high prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) among multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patients is a serious cause for concern. We conducted a meta-analysis to determine whether DM is anExpand
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Effect of Aspirin on the Expression of Hepatocyte NF-κB and Serum TNF-α in Streptozotocin-Induced Type 2 Diabetic Rats
Aspirin is a kind of anti-inflammatory drug and may be used to reverse hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and dyslipidemia by improving insulin resistance. We hypothesized that aspirin improves insulinExpand
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Free fatty acids, not triglycerides, are associated with non-alcoholic liver injury progression in high fat diet induced obese rats
BackgroundThe incidence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), commonly associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome, is increasing worldwide. However, the specific mechanisms that mediateExpand
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Exendin-4 directly improves endothelial dysfunction in isolated aortas from obese rats through the cAMP or AMPK-eNOS pathways.
AIMS To determine whether exendin-4 might directly improve endothelial dysfunction in aorta isolated from high-fat diet-induced obese rats. METHODS Wistar rats were randomly divided into controlExpand
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Initial Report of a Phase I Study of LY2510924, Idarubicin, and Cytarabine in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Background: The CXCR4/SDF-1α axis plays a vital role in the retention of stem cells within the bone marrow and downstream activation of cell survival signaling pathways. LY2510924, a secondExpand
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High FFA levels related to microalbuminuria and uncoupling of VEGF-NO axis in obese rats
PurposeThe objectives of this study were to test whether elevated free fatty acids (FFA) from visceral fat accumulation is related to increased urinary albumin excretion and whether fenofibrate hasExpand
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DFT study of Hg adsorption on M-substituted Pd(1 1 1) and PdM/γ-Al 2 O 3 (1 1 0) (M = Au, Ag, Cu) surfaces
Abstract The adsorption of Hgn (n = 1–3) on the Au-, Ag-, Cu-substituted Pd(1 1 1) surfaces as well as the PdM/γ-Al2O3(1 1 0) (M = Au, Ag, Cu) surfaces has been investigated using spin-polarizedExpand
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Determination of arsenic metabolites in patients with newly diagnosed acute promyelocytic leukemia treated with arsenic trioxide
Abstract The efficacy of arsenic trioxide (ATO) in the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) is widely accepted. It is necessary to determine the concentration of arsenic due to itsExpand
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Adiponectin improves endothelial dysfunction caused by elevated FFAs levels, partially through cAMP-dependent pathway.
AIMS To determine whether adiponectin can attenuate endothelial dysfunction caused by elevated free fatty acids (FFAs) concentration, and if so, to explore the underlying mechanism. METHODS MaleExpand
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Time-action profile of an oral enteric insulin formulation in healthy Chinese volunteers.
BACKGROUND Insulin is an essential treatment for both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Among the available routes of insulin administration, oral delivery is the most appealing option. OBJECTIVE The purposeExpand
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