Lina Goldschmidt

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We compared ivermectin with diethylcarbamazine for the treatment of onchocerciasis in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Thirty men with moderate to heavy infection and ocular involvement were randomly assigned to receive ivermectin in a single oral dose (200 micrograms per kilogram of body weight), diethylcarbamazine daily for eight days, or(More)
Muscle atrophy and cachexia are associated with many human diseases. These catabolic states are often associated with the loss of glutathione (GSH), which is thought to contribute to the induction of oxidative stress within the muscle. Glutathione synthesis and secretary characteristics were studied in human skeletal muscle myoblasts and myotube-like cells(More)
Using a sensitive radioimmunoassay to homologous mouse alpha-crystallin, it was established that autoantibodies are produced to this self constituent in mice after rupture of the lens capsule by needling. Antibody to lens crystallin was detected within 4 days of lens rupture and persisted for 24 days, suggesting that these mice are not tolerant to(More)
Friend leukemia viru (FV) suppresses the proliferative response of normal lymphocytes to mitogens. The in vitro suppressive effect of FV on lymphocyte mitogenesis is mediated by T-suppressor cells and is under host genetic control. Lymphocytes from strains of mice of the C57BL background (e.g., C57BL/6) are resistant while cells from other strains (e.g.,(More)
This study was undertaken to establish whether IgM and IgG anti-T cell autoantibodies obtained from sera of patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus, impair normal T lymphocyte functions. Two in vitro models of T cell function were examined: (a) the capacity of cells to cap, endocytose, and regenerate the T3, T4, and T8 surface antigens; and (b)(More)