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Aims Sin Nombre virus (SNV), a strain of hantavirus, causes hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) in humans, a deadly disease with high mortality rate (> 50%). The primary virus host is the deer mouse, and greater abundance of deer mice has been shown to increase the human risk of HPS. Our aim is to identify and compare vegetation indices and associated time(More)
Recent advances in chemical synthesis have made it possible to produce gold and silver nanowires that are free of large-scale crystalline defects and surface roughness. Surface plasmons can propagate along the wires, allowing them to serve as optical waveguides with cross sections much smaller than the optical wavelength. Gold nanowires provide improved(More)
In Bulletin Board System, when an author submits a post to start a thread, what kinds of elements affect the popularity of this thread? To address this issue, Tianya Zatan board of Tianya Club is selected as data source for this study. Through database and online data, the daily new threads with high degree of online interactions in 2012 are collected for(More)
See publications page for a pdf of these articles. (2010) Roles of human disturbance, precipitation, and a pathogen on the survival and reproductive probabilities of deer mice. Ecology, 91(2):582–592. (2010) Long-term patterns of immune investment by wild deer mice infected with Sin Nombre virus. (2009) Sin nombre virus and rodent species diversity: a test(More)
Setting up a symbolic algebraic system is the first step in mathematics mechanization of any branch of mathematics. In this paper, we establish a compact symbolic algebraic framework for local geometric computing in intrinsic differential geometry , by choosing only the Lie derivative and the covariant derivative as basic local differential operators. In(More)
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