Lina Cao

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In Bulletin Board System, when an author submits a post to start a thread, what kinds of elements affect the popularity of this thread? To address this issue, Tianya Zatan board of Tianya Club is selected as data source for this study. Through database and online data, the daily new threads with high degree of online interactions in 2012 are collected for(More)
This paper proposes a novel multi-degree of freedom robot system, which is designed mainly for researching posture stabilization problem of manipulator. The system is composed of a three-axis rotation platform, a five degrees of freedom manipulator mounted on the rotation platform, and corresponding control systems. Based on the system, many research(More)
Setting up a symbolic algebraic system is the first step in mathematics mechanization of any branch of mathematics. In this paper, we establish a compact symbolic algebraic framework for local geometric computing in intrinsic differential geometry , by choosing only the Lie derivative and the covariant derivative as basic local differential operators. In(More)
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