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Targeting microplastic particles in the void of diluted suspensions.
Accumulation of microplastic in the environment and food chain will be a grand challenge for our society. Polyurethanes are widely used synthetic polymers in medical (e.g. catheters) and industrialExpand
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Ultrahigh‐throughput screening system for directed polymer binding peptide evolution
Accumulation of plastics in the environment became a geological indicator of the Anthropocene era. An effective reduction of long‐lasting plastics requires a treatment with micro‐organisms thatExpand
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Biadhesive Peptides for Assembling Stainless Steel and Compound Loaded Micro-Containers.
Biadhesive peptides (peptesives) are an attractive tool for assembling two chemically different materials-for example, stainless steel and polycaprolactone (PCL). Stainless steel is used in medicalExpand
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