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A new, effective preparative method has been proposed and the synthesis of a series of N-(arylalkyl)-1-R-4-hydroxy-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ(6),1-benzothiazine-3-car-boxamides has been carried out. It has been shown that amidation of alkyl 1-R-4-hydroxy-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ(6),1-benzothiazine-3-carboxylates with arylalkyl-amines in boiling xylene proceeds with good yield(More)
In order to obtain and then test pharmocologically any possible conformers of the new feasible analgesic N-benzyl-4-hydroxy-1-methyl-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ⁶,1-benzothiazine-3-carboxamide, its 4-O-sodium salt was synthesized using two methods. X-ray diffraction study made possible to determine that, depending on the chosen synthesis conditions, the above-mentioned(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, 4C(20)H(22)N(4)O(5)·2C(2)H(6)O·CH(4)O, contains two pyridine-3-carboxyl-ate mol-ecules, one ethanol mol-ecule and one methanol mol-ecule disordered about in a centre of symmetry. The pyridinone ring, the carbamide group and the bicyclic fragment in both independent mol-ecules are planar within 0.03 Å due to the(More)
An effective method was developed for the preparation and x-ray diffraction analysis of the spatial structure of 7-hydroxy-5-oxo-2,3-dihydro-5H-[1, 3]thiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidine-6-carboxylic acid ethyl ester, which is of interest as a starting material for the synthesis of new, potentially biologically active derivatives of thiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidine(More)
A simple new method for synthesizing N-aryl-4-hydroxy-1-methyl-2,2-dioxo-1H-2λ6,1-benzothiazine-3-carboxamides in high yields is proposed. A series of halo-substituted derivatives were synthesized. Their PMR and 13C NMR spectra and mass spectrometric characteristics were studied. Preliminary pharmacological screening showed that the investigated class of(More)
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