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Zinc finger proteins were involved in response to different environmental stresses in plant species. A typical Cys2/His2-type (C2H2-type) zinc finger gene GmZF1 from soybean was isolated and was composed of 172 amino acids containing two conserved C2H2-type zinc finger domains. Phylogenetic analysis showed that GmZF1 was clustered on the same branch with(More)
Performed the size effect of the unit in numerical simulation of blasting demoLition. Considered three elemental sizes, which were 10, 20 and 40 cm. Adopt 40 cm element, the structure was damaged more seriously. This resulted in the bigger error in predicting the demoLition scope. The collapsed time was shorter, and the structural rush distance was farther.(More)
The separate element and common node model is setup to simulate reinforced concrete material at first, which could take fully account of the intensity difference of concrete and rebar. And then a 16-storied frame structure is build with this kind of model. The blasting demoLition process of the structure is simulated. The mechanism of collapse process and(More)
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