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Fungal diversity notes 367–490: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa
Eight new genera, 101 new species, two new combinations, one neotype, four reference specimens, new host or distribution records for eight species and one alternative morphs are introduced in this paper.
Influencing Factors and Decoupling Elasticity of China’s Transportation Carbon Emissions
Transportation is an important source of carbon emissions in China. Reduction in carbon emissions in the transportation sector plays a key role in the success of China’s energy conservation and
Influencing Factors and Scenario Forecasts of Carbon Emissions of the Chinese Power Industry: Based on a Generalized Divisia Index Model and Monte Carlo Simulation
The power industry is the industry with the most direct uses of fossil fuels in China and is one of China’s main carbon industries. A comprehensive and accurate analysis of the impacts of carbon
Trend analysis and obstacle factor of inter provincial water resources carrying capacity in China: from the perspective of decoupling pressure and support capacity
The study found that there are significant inter-provincial differences in China’s WRCC and constructs a comprehensive evaluation index system for the WRCC from two aspects: pressure and support.