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This paper firstly analyzes the principle, data structure and the functions of forward agent and backward agent in AntNet algorithm. Secondly it points out it's insufficiency and brings forward a improved algorithm based on the AntNet. Then it implements from some aspects, such as the measure guide line, the improvement of initial value in route table, the(More)
Tissue microarrays are increasingly important tools that bring high-throughput technology to traditional pathology laboratories. In many cases, each spot on a tissue microarray is scored by a skilled pathologist and recorded manually. TAD consists of an Active Server Page web interface to a relational database that automates recording scores and linking(More)
Commercial transaction processing applications are an important workload running on symmetric multiprocessor systems (SMPs). They differ dramatically from scientific, numeric-intensive, and engineering applications because they are IÂO bound, and they contain more system software activities. Most SMP servers available in the market have been designed and(More)
We consider the problem of traffic grooming in wavelength division multiplexing networks. Our objective is to minimize the required number of electronic add-drop multiplexers. We investigate the problem of efficiently provisioning connections of different bandwidth granularities in a heterogeneous WDM mesh network through dynamic traffic grooming schemes(More)
This paper presents an open embedded hardware and software architecture for industrial robot control. Open hardware refers to open source IP-core provided by the authors, while open software implies the use of open source software, specifically Linux and OROCOS [1]. Embedded implies integration of various functional blocks on one System-On-Chip board, for(More)
This paper proposed a secure and efficient metro-access network scheme which combines network coding and source encryption to break the transport limitation of metro access networks. The proposed scheme provides higher throughput over the bottleneck links and prevent wiretap and modification attack at the same time. What's more, the number of message to be(More)
This study develops an extended Quality Function Deployment(QFD) approach to assess quality cost of packaging machinery from technical perspectives. Evaluation criteria for quality assurance cost, quality loss cost and comprehensive technical requirements are introduced for analy¬zing technica1 requirements that transform from customer needs. The(More)
A multi-objective evolutionary programming (MOEP) based approach to thyristor controlled series compensator (TCSC) and static VAr compensators (SVC) tuning has been investigated in this paper. The coordinate design problem of TCSC and SVC is formulated as a multi-objective optimization problem, in which the system transient stability is improved by(More)
This paper analyzes the actuality in mobile Agent communication reliability firstly, then it introduces a communication efficiency optimized model LCEOM. Based on the model this paper proposes a new optimized mobile agent communication model ICM. The new model is divided into 6 layers: description layer, analysis layer, layout layer, packaging layer,(More)