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A Feature-Enriched Completely Blind Image Quality Evaluator
Existing blind image quality assessment (BIQA) methods are mostly opinion-aware. They learn regression models from training images with associated human subjective scores to predict the perceptualExpand
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Retinal vessel extraction by matched filter with first-order derivative of Gaussian
Accurate extraction of retinal blood vessels is an important task in computer aided diagnosis of retinopathy. The matched filter (MF) is a simple yet effective method for vessel extraction. However,Expand
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RFSIM: A feature based image quality assessment metric using Riesz transforms
Image quality assessment (IQA) aims to provide computational models to measure the image quality in a perceptually consistent manner. In this paper, a novel feature based IQA model, namelyExpand
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Evaluating reproducibility of differential expression discoveries in microarray studies by considering correlated molecular changes
Motivation: According to current consistency metrics such as percentage of overlapping genes (POG), lists of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) detected from different microarray studies for aExpand
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RNALocate: a resource for RNA subcellular localizations
Increasing evidence has revealed that RNA subcellular localization is a very important feature for deeply understanding RNA's biological functions after being transported into intra- orExpand
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Two methods of selecting Gaussian kernel parameters for one-class SVM and their application to fault detection
As one of the methods to solve one-class classification problems (OCC), one-class support vector machines (OCSVM) have been applied to fault detection in recent years. Among all the kernels availableExpand
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Decision-Theoretic Military Operations Planning
Military operations planning involves concurrent actions, resource assignment, and conflicting costs. Individual tasks sometimes fail with a known probability, promoting a decision-theoreticExpand
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MNDR v2.0: an updated resource of ncRNA–disease associations in mammals
Abstract Accumulating evidence suggests that diverse non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are involved in the progression of a wide variety of diseases. In recent years, abundant ncRNA–disease associations haveExpand
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MonogenicCode: A Novel Fast Feature Coding Algorithm with Applications to Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition
Biometrics based personal authentication is an effective method for recognizing a person's identity. Recently, it is found that the finger-knuckle-print (FKP), which refers to the inherent skinExpand
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The Yangtze finless porpoise: On an accelerating path to extinction?
For the conservation of endangered animals to be effective, information on population distribution and abundance requires regular updating from census efforts. The Yangtze finless porpoiseExpand
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