Lin Yujuan

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This paper investigates networked output tracking control problem by considering the delay compensations in both the feedback and forward channels in networked control systems (NCSs). At the controller side, the delayed output measurements are treated as a special output disturbance, and the feedback channel delay is compensated with the aid of the(More)
In this paper, we are interesting in the problems of event-based PID control of a stable plant, and three improvements on the existing event-based PID control approaches are proposed to reduce the number of sampling. The effectiveness of the proposed new algorithms are shown by some comparisons, which shows that the number of sampling can be further(More)
Globalization and rapid evolving of networked and Web-based technologies have revolutionized the collaborative manufacture process. The research presented a concept for coordinating manufacturing networks that was originally developed at Sino-Japanese joint venture electronic parts company System. This conceptual model will describe how to operate(More)
This paper presents a new event-triggered control strategy for systems with unknown external disturbance. To reject the disturbance actively, the descriptor observer is implemented to estimate both the state and disturbance simultaneously, then the composite controllers are proposed. Furthermore, both the updating instants and the event-triggered controller(More)
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