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—The proliferation of wireless localization technologies provides a promising future for serving human beings in indoor scenarios. localization technologies address the inefficiency of GPS (Global Positioning System) inside buildings. Since people spend most of their time in indoor environments, indoor tracking service is in great public demand. Based on(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of subconjunctivally administered mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) on corneal wound healing in the acute stage of an alkali burn. A corneal alkali burn model was generated by placing a piece of 3-mm diameter filter paper soaked in NaOH on the right eye of 48 Sprague-Dawley female rats. 24 rats were(More)
In energy-constrained wireless sensor networks, energy efficiency is critical for prolonging the network lifetime. A family of ant colony algorithms called DAACA for data aggregation are proposed in this paper. DAACA consists of three phases: initialization, packets transmissions and operations on pheromones. In the transmission phase, each node estimates(More)
Electric bike use in China has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. Traffic safety for e-bike riders becomes an issue of growing public concern as the number of fatalities and injuries increases. This study aims to identify risk factors affecting the accident involvement of e-bike riders and to establish the relationships between safety(More)
—Congestions in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) could potentially cause packet loss, throughput impairment and energy waste. To address this issue, a hop-by-hop cross-layer congestion control scheme (HCCC) built on contention-based MAC protocol is proposed in this paper. According to MAC-layer channel information including buffer occupancy ratio and(More)
Real-time transcription generated by automated speech recognition (ASR) technologies with a reasonably high accuracy has been demonstrated to be valuable in facilitating non-native speakers' comprehension in real-time communication. Besides errors, time delay often exists due to technical problems in automated transcription as well. This study focuses on(More)
—This paper describes a mobile health monitoring system called iCare for the elderly. We use wireless body sensors and smart phones to monitor the wellbeing of the elderly. It can offer remote monitoring for the elderly anytime anywhere and provide tailored services for each person based on their personal health condition. When detecting an emergency, the(More)
In time-critical wireless sensor network (WSN) applications, a high degree of reliability is commonly required. A dynamical jumping real-time fault-tolerant routing protocol (DMRF) is proposed in this paper. Each node utilizes the remaining transmission time of the data packets and the state of the forwarding candidate node set to dynamically choose the(More)