Lin Wei

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Web prefetching is a promising solution used to reduce user's latency and improve the QOS.This paper presents a popularity-based selective Markov prefetching model for predicting the forthcoming Web pages.We make use of teh Zipf's law to model the Web objects' popularity.An experimental evaluation of the prefetching mechanism is presented using real server(More)
In this work, we demonstrated a convenient and green strategy for the synthesis of highly luminescent and water-soluble carbon dots (Cdots) by carbonizing carbon precursors, i.e., Bovine serum albumin (BSA) nanoparticles, in water solution. Without post surface modification, the as-synthesized Cdots exhibit fluorescence quantum yield (Q.Y.) as high as 34.8%(More)
Fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) is a kind of generalized Fourier transform and linear frequency modulation signals can be well focused after FrFT. Meanwhile motion error is an important factor affecting SAR (synthetic aperture radar) resolution, aiming at the problem that the effect of error elimination is not obvious in processing non-stationary motion(More)
Fractional fourier transform (FrFT) is a new tool of time-frequency analysis, and a good tool to compress chirp signal and to process non-stationary motion error. Aiming at the problem of the conventional SAR imaging algorithm based on FFT and two-step motion compensation, that of the effect of non-stationary error elimination is not obvious and the(More)
Adaptive failure detection requires that failure detectors can dynamically adjust the detecting quality according to the variations of applications and the load of the network. Because of the instability of the network, failure detectors without adaptive mechanism can not meet the requirements of QoS of applications all the time. Detection speed and(More)
—The key of prefetching techniques is to establish an effective prediction model, which is mainly classified into two main categories according to the data structure namely PPM model and DG model. However, both models have their own shortcoming. To overcome their shortcomings, we will propose an improved algorithm based on exponential descendent double(More)
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