Lin Wei Wang

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BACKGROUND As a marker for tumor cell proliferation, Ki67 has important impacts on breast cancer (BC) prognosis. Although immunohistochemical staining is the current standard method, variations in analytical practice make it difficult for pathologists to manually measure Ki67 index. This study was to develop a fluorescent spectrum-based quantitative(More)
Objective: Using scanning electron microscope to observe the ultrastructure of utricular maculae of mouse. Methods: Ten young (6 to 8 weeks) and ten old (>12 months) mice were executed, and their utricles were harvested and the specimens were processed, using scanning electron microscope to observe the structures of the utricles from the surface of otoconia(More)
To characterize the volume-activated Cl(-) current in bovine pigmented ciliary epithelial (PCE) cells, the whole-cell patch clamp technique was employed. Exposure to a hypotonic solution induced a volume-activated Cl(-) current. The activation of the current depended on intracellular ATP. The current showed a characteristic outward rectification. There was(More)
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