Lin Wei Guo

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—A new species, Septobasidium maesae on Maesa perlarius associated with Pinnaspis sp. and Diaspidiotus sp. An undescribed Septobasidium species on Maesa perlarius was found in Wuzhi Mountain National Nature Reserve in Hainan Province, tropical China in November 2008. It was associated with two kinds of scale insects, Pinnaspis sp. and Diaspidiotus sp.,(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations are used to investigate the influence of surface curvature on the slip boundary condition for a simple fluid. The slip length is measured for flows in planar and cylindrical geometries with a range of wall-fluid interactions. As wall curvature increases, the slip length decreases dramatically for closely packed surfaces and(More)
A biomimetic "cactus spine" with hierarchical groovestructure is designed and fabricated using simple electrospinning. This novel artificial cactus spine possesses excellent fog collection and water transportation ability. A model cactus equipped with artificial spines also shows a great water storage capacity. The results can be helpful in the development(More)
Shape-dependent catalysis and sensing behaviours are primarily focused on nanocrystals enclosed by low-index facets, especially the three basic facets ({100}, {111}, and {110}). Several novel strategies have recently exploded by tailoring the original nanocrystals to greatly improve the catalysis and sensing performances. In this Review, we firstly(More)
Practical signals such as communication and radar signals turn out to be non-stationary and nonlinear time series, and estimating instantaneous parameters of such signals in time domain will benefit detecting and identifying specific emitters, such as radio stations and aerospace targets. However, conventional methods such as Wavelet and Wigner-Ville(More)
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