Lin Wang

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1. Introduction Head-related transfer function (HRTF), which describes the path between the sound source and the ear, plays an important role in 3D sound system [1]. The spatial perception using headphone can be controlled by binaural synthesis through HRTF. However, the system has to store the HRTFs of all directions to realize natural spatial perception,(More)
Crosstalk cancellation plays an important role in displaying binaural signals with loudspeakers. It aims to reproduce binaural signals at a listener's ears via inverting acoustic transfer paths. The crosstalk cancellation filter should be updated in real time according to the head position. This demands high computational efficiency for a crosstalk(More)
The computation burden and the huge memory size of the head-related transfer function (HRTF) database challenge the practical application of 3D sound system. This paper therefore proposes a novel method which employs principal components analysis and vector quantization jointly to reduce the size of HRTF set in 3D sound system. Numerical experiment results(More)
High compliant legs are essential for the efficient versatile locomotion and shock absorbency of humans. This study proposes a biped robot actuated by pneumatic artificial muscles to mimic human locomotion. On the basis of the musculoskeletal architecture of human lower limbs, each leg of the biped robot is modeled as a system of three segments, namely, hip(More)
1 Figure 1. The magnitude of power needed to meet certain operations depends on the scale and applications. At the global scale, terawatt magnitude of energy is needed, but for driving small devices, microwatt energy is needed. Different approches have to be developed to address the world's energy problems at all scales. Figure 2. A self-powered sensor(More)
Tn this paper shaping gains of regular (3,6) LDPC Coded-QAM transmitting systems with non­ uniform QAM constellation are presented over A WGN channel. The influences of code rate, frame length, the order of non-uniform QAM constellation, and the finite fields GF(q) of LDPC codes on shaping gain are investigated. It is found that shaping gain of proposed(More)
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