Lin Wang

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In this study, we sought to clarify the effects of users' cultural background and cultural context on human-robot team collaboration by investigating attitudes toward and the extent to which people changed their decisions based on the recommendations of a robot collaborator. We report the results of a 2×2 experiment with nationality (Chinese vs. US)(More)
This study investigates the effects of group orientation and communication style on Chinese subjects' responsiveness to robots. A 2x2 experiment was conducted with group orientation (ingroup vs. outgroup) and communication style (implicit vs. explicit) as dimensions. The results confirm expectations that subjects with a Chinese cultural background are more(More)
The involvement of systemic immunity in depression pathogenesis promises a periphery-targeting paradigm in novel anti-depressant discovery. However, relatively little is known about druggable targets in the periphery for mental and behavioral control. Here we report that targeting Ly6C(hi) monocytes in blood can serve as a strategy for anti-depressant(More)
The logistics network reliability theory is a probability index, which is more accurate to measure the status of the logistics network than absolute indicators. It can provide better decision-making basis for its planning and management. Therefore, study the reliability of logistics systems is essential to parts of the logistics business and even vital for(More)
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