Lin Wang

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The joint replenishment problem (JRP) has received considerable attention and all of the work on JRP is under explicit environment. In fact, the decision makers often have to face vague operational conditions. In this paper, a novel JRP model with fuzzy minor replenishment cost and fuzzy inventory holding cost is developed. More concisely, this model is a(More)
We propose a new computational method of input selection for stock market forecasting with neural networks. The method results from synthetically considering the special feature of input variables of neural networks and the special feature of stock market time series. We conduct the experiments to compare the prediction performance of the neural networks(More)
We compare the predication performance of neural networks with the different frequencies of input data, namely daily data, weekly data, monthly data. In the 1 day and 1 week ahead prediction of foreign exchange rates forecasting , the neural networks with the weekly input data performs better than the random walk models. In the 1 month ahead prediction of(More)