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Exponential stabilities of the Cohen-Grossberg neural network with and without delays are analyzed. By Liapunov functions/functionals, sufficient conditions are obtained for general exponential stability, while by using a comparison result from the theory of monotone dynamical systems, componentwise exponential stability is also discussed. All results are(More)
MOTIVATION Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) studies investigate how gene expression levels are affected by DNA variants. A major challenge in inferring eQTL is that a number of factors, such as unobserved covariates, experimental artifacts and unknown environmental perturbations, may confound the observed expression levels. This may both mask real(More)
—The popularization of cloud computing has raised concerns over the energy consumption that takes place in data centers. In addition to the energy consumed by servers, the energy consumed by large numbers of network devices emerges as a significant problem. Existing work on energy-efficient data center networking primarily focuses on traffic engineering,(More)
In the trilateration of wireless sensor networks, to overcome the affection of localization error caused by the selection of beacon nodes, a selective strategy of beacon nodes based on the angle information is proposed in this paper. By the comparative analysis of angle, we can determine the topology shape of the selected beacon nodes and the position(More)
In this study, the performance of the frequency-modulated differential chaos shift keying (FM-DCSK) ultra-wideband (UWB) system is evaluated through two important system parameters, the guard interval and the integration interval of the integrator, over indoor communication channels. It is found that the existing FM-DCSK UWB system suffers severe(More)