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OBJECTIVES We assessed the effectiveness of a community health worker intervention focused on reducing exposure to indoor asthma triggers. METHODS We conducted a randomized controlled trial with 1-year follow-up among 274 low-income households containing a child aged 4-12 years who had asthma. Community health workers provided in-home environmental(More)
Fundamental to cellular processes are directional movements driven by molecular motors. A common theme for these and other molecular machines driven by ATP is that controlled release of hydrolysis products is essential for using the chemical energy efficiently. Mechanochemical transduction by myosin motors on actin is coupled to unknown structural changes(More)
BACKGROUND Combination therapy including protease inhibitors has been shown to be effective in treating adults infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), but there are only limited data regarding the treatment of children and adolescents. METHODS A cohort of 1028 HIV-1-infected children and adolescents, from birth through 20 years of age,(More)
Pediatric asthma is a growing public health issue, disproportionately affecting low-income people and people of color. Exposure to indoor asthma triggers plays an important role in the development and exacerbation of asthma. We describe the implementation of the Seattle-King County Healthy Homes Project, a randomized, controlled trial of an(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the possible association between internal exposure levels of 3-phenoxybenzoic acid (3-PBA), an urinary metabolite of pyrethroids, and altered semen quality in Chinese men. DESIGN A retrospective case-control study. SETTING Center of clinical reproductive medicine. PATIENT(S) Three hundred seventy-six men with nonobstructive(More)
Co-expression measures are often used to define networks among genes. Mutual information (MI) is often used as a generalized correlation measure. It is not clear how much MI adds beyond standard (robust) correlation measures or regression model based association measures. Further, it is important to assess what transformations of these and other(More)
The application of RNA-seq has accelerated gene expression profiling and identification of gene-associated SNPs in many species. However, the integrated studies of gene expression along with SNP mapping have been lacking. Coupling of RNA-seq with bulked segregant analysis (BSA) should allow correlation of expression patterns and associated SNPs with the(More)
Carbaryl, one of the most important insecticides, is widely produced and used. To explore carbaryl-induced genotoxic effects of spermatozoa, particularly DNA damage and chromosome aberrations (CA), we first examined conventional semen parameters, the progression and motion parameters of the spermatozoa among 16 carbaryl-exposed workers and 30 internal and(More)
Resveratrol has recently been used as a supplemental treatment for several neurological and nonneurological diseases. It is not known whether resveratrol has neuroprotective effect on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). To assess the effect of resveratrol on the disease, we tested this agent on an ALS model of SOD1(G93A) transgenic mouse. Rotarod(More)
Fenvalerate, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, is widely produced and used worldwide. To explore fenvalerate-induced genotoxic effects, particularly numerical chromosome aberration (CA), we firstly examined conventional semen parameters, the progression and motion parameters of the spermatozoa among 12 fenvalerate-exposed workers and 30 donors of the(More)