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Clinical Application of Mifepristone and Danazol Treatment for Postoperative Patients with Severepelvic Endometriosis
Objective: To investigate the effects and safety of mifepristone and danazol for treating postoperative patients with severe pelvic endometriosis. Methods: 136 severe pelvic endometriosis cases wereExpand
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Practice of Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Infertility by Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
Objective:To study the value of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of female infertility.Methods:61 cases of female patients with infertility during three years were analyzedExpand
Application of Hysteroscopy in Postmenopausal Anomalistic Uterine Bleeding
Objective To study the value and pathogeny by hysteroscopy for postmenopausal anomalistic uterine bleeding.Methods 97 cases of postmenopausal uterine anomalistic bleeding were inspected byExpand
Wire Electrical Parameters of the Processing and Analysis of the Quality
In this paper,it analyses the effect of the main parameters such as waveform,pulse width,pulse interval etc.to the processing quality.Taking a specific piece as an example,it analyses the processingExpand