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This work used amalgamated data from previous projects in order to test the concept that when organ function is expressed in terms of tracer kinetics, the results are independent of patient size or gender. Dynamic gamma camera studies were analysed by measuring the rate of movement of tracers from the blood into various organs. These rates were expressed as(More)
Xanthii Fructus (XF), the fruit of Xanthium sibiricum Patr., was used in the treatment of rhinitis and related nasal disease. Adverse effects of Xanthii Fructus are frequently reported these years. In the paper, in vitro renal cytotoxicity and in vivo acute and chronic toxicity researches of Xanthii Fructus (XF) and its processed product (processed Xanthii(More)
The renal uptake and outflow of 99Tcm-DTPA and 99Tcm-MAG3 were compared by analysing renal studies performed in two different departments, but with analysis techniques and computer programs using algorithms that were almost identical. Comparison was performed by a retrospective review of results from patients who were referred for renal investigations(More)
A case of small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung with hepatic secondaries has been found to accumulate Tc-99m-pyrophosphate in both lung primary and hepatic metastases and to our knowledge is the first such case reported in the literature. There was no radiographic evidence of calcification in the tumor or hepatic metastases.
The hepatic uptake rate of sulphur or tin colloid was measured in the fasting state in patients who were later identified as belonging to one of three groups: normal, parenchymal liver disease or cirrhosis. Subsequent analysis showed a progressive decline in the hepatic uptake rate of tracer as the severity of hepatocellular damage increased. In particular,(More)
It has been claimed that the bisphosphonate space, a scintigraphic technique which simultaneously estimates bone uptake and renal clearance of bisphosphonate, can be used to predict the dose of bisphosphonate required to induce biochemical remission in Paget's disease. In a prospective study of 15 newly diagnosed patients with Paget's disease,(More)
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