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DWF4 encodes a rate-limiting mono-oxygenase that mediates 22α-hydroxylation reactions in the BR biosynthetic pathway and it is the target gene in the BR feedback loop. Knockout of DWF4 results in a dwarfed phenotype and other severe defects in Arabidopsis. Here we report on the isolation of the ZmDWF4 gene in maize. Sequence analysis revealed that the open(More)
Casticin is one of the main components of the fruits of Vitex rotundifolia L. Studies have shown that casticin inhibits the growth of various cancer cells, including colon cancer. In the present study, the anti-carcinogenic effects of casticin on human colon cancer and the underlying mechanisms were investigated. The results revealed that casticin(More)
In order to obtain enough fusion protein for developing preclinical studies of IFNbeta-HAS, we screened Pichia pastoris transformants expressing high-level protein by immunology method. The yield of IFNbeta-HSA was about 500 mg/L by fed-batch fermentation. The purity of IFNbeta-HSA reached 96% through the steps of ultrafiltration, Blue Sepharose FF,(More)
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